Chain Reaction


Your vibe attracts your tribe, your energy is contagious, and as you already know what you think about brings about. Your experience here on earth is simply an accumulation of all of your thoughts, feelings, fears and desires combined and brought to life. It’s kind of intimidating at first, realizing how much effort it’s going to be. This constant awareness and attention towards every emotion, thought, down to every word you speak and the people and things you choose to surround your self with. You realize it all actually matters, it’s this never ending domino effect that connects like a million chains attached end by end, moments to memories, pain to healing, love to heartache, birth to life and death. It all actually connects. We are the only ones to blame for our circumstances, because in the end it’s all really perspective.

Your life will change once you realize the importance of valuing yourself, truly focusing on being the best version of your self and simply controlling your thoughts. Life is always going to kick you in the ass every once and a while, serving a purpose, an experience, some kind of awful lesson every now and then. And it’s okay and HUMAN to react, to have a bad day, bad month, bad phase, or bad stage. It happens. Just be aware that that’s simply all it is. It isn’t life. Life is all the gaps in between those bad days, months, phases and stages. It’s the beauty in between the flaws, the happiness before and after the sadness. It’s the knowledge and strength we gain from all the insanity.

When we start valuing ourselves, body, mind and spirit, when we take pride in the minds that teach ours, the souls that touch ours, the food that nourishes our bodies, the energy we surround ourselves with, what and who we choose to invest in… the universe hears us. You will notice the problems or bad situations you found yourself in fade. When you stop allowing people to disrespect you, disrespectful people are no longer drawn to you. When you start valuing your time, you attract people who also value your time. When you are in a state of gratitude you just find more and more things to be grateful for. It’s all a chain reaction, you just have to START.

My story, like yours, is complicated.

In just the last two years I learned that I had to relearn everything. It took me losing everything, starting with what I thought I wanted for a career (After investing five years in my “dream”) and ending up hating the industry, to losing myself in a relationship with a man I thought I loved, to losing one of my closest friends to an overdose, then my father a few months after, then learning I had way more “For a good time friends” than “Through the bad time friends” and having to deal with all of this, completely alone. Surrounded by people and situations that filled my mind with negativity and body with bad vibes. My body was telling me subconsciously constantly that I needed change, our bodies communicate to us through sickness, depression and anxiety. It took rock bottom for me to gain sight of what was ahead, what was going to be my reality once I climbed the fuck out of that hole.

I started with one small thing at a time.. Cut off people that were far from friends or held me back.. and ended up making new friends that were on the same path. Then I focused on how GRATEFUL I was for this change. Next. Left a relationship that was unhealthy and left me feeling broken.. Ended up finding a love for myself I never knew possible and fell in love with my own company. Then I focused on how GRATEFUL I was for this change. Next. Started paying attention to what I as putting into my body, quit eating most meat, started eating less processed foods, and felt my body and mind’s gratitude. And it’s just been this never ending cycle every since I made up my mind that I was over all the bullshit. The fake friendships, social media appearances, working for people who didn’t value me, saying yes to things I didn’t even want to do. Doing things with/for people that left me feeling like shit the next day. And now even after a horrible day I sit in bed with my pets and I say thank you. Thank you for taking me through trouble waters where my enemies couldn’t swim. Thank you for showing me my worth through people who didn’t. Thank you for teaching me through sickness and sadness what it feels like to be healthy and happy.

It’s all connected. And it’s contagious, your healing is our healing. You making these changes will inspire others to make changes, big or small doesn’t matter, just start, at least try. Start loving your self enough to say no to others, start surrounding yourself with good people or no people, start forgiving your self, start forgiving others, start saying fuck it to the things you don’t want to do. Start saying fuck it and go for the things you do want. And be grateful for every tiny step you make, one step is better than no step. Moving towards something is always better than that comfort of being still. Take the risk, it always leads to something bigger.


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